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Vehicle Tracking: Vehicle tracking allows businesses that run a fleet of cars, vans or other vehicles to manage and locate their fleet in an instant. It provides transport and logistics managers a solution to improve day to day operations and make the most efficient use of their vehicles with real time operation and control. For individuals, a vehicle tracking system can be used to notify a car or motorbike owner if their vehicle has been stolen, or can be used to check the location of a shared car to keep your family safe.

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Active vehicle tracking uses a variety of methods to locate and pass information about the location and movement history of the vehicle to which it is attached. Location, speed and direction can be monitored using a GPS device which links to a remote monitoring station via mobile network or radio transmission.

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If a mobile network (GSM) is used then either a SIM card subscription, or a subscribed monitoring service via a professional company is required. For those devices using a VHF transmission method, a transmission is sent via radio frequencies (RF) to a bespoke monitoring station, possibly via privately owned repeaters.

Passive tracking systems for your vehicles require no permanent link to a monitoring station. These devices store the data within a memory chip and can be uploaded via a hard wire connection or through a recognised wifi link. Active tracking systems will also store data to a local storage device in case of poor signal quality or loss of connection via GPS or GSM signals. Once the signal is restored the live and stored data is uploaded to the monitoring service.


There are a multitude of tracking systems available on the market; smart applications for your phone, single vehicle tracking and recovery, multi vehicle monitoring, 24 hour monitoring from by a remote company...and the list goes on. Choosing the perfect tracking system for your vehicle can be confusing, so let's look at some of the benefits of the most popular types of vehicle tracking equipment:

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Trackers can be professionally fitted to any car, motorbike, caravan or self employed business vans and trucks quickly and efficiently by a reputable company. Individual tracking systems can be linked to an alarm system in your home, connected to your smartphone or PC via proprietary software, or can be monitored around the clock by a professional tracking company.

For private vehicle owners the benefits of having a professional tracker fitted does not stop with being able to recover your car if it's stolen. You can also benefit from reduced insurance premiums, if it is of an approved type such as a Thatcham accredited system. For families who share the same car, a tracker can offer peace of mind with systems that offer one button check in texts on safe arrival at a destination, and other features that can include emergency messaging on crash or impact detection.


Studies have shown that business vehicles with trackers fitted make a positive impact on driver behaviour and driving safety by reducing accidents. A fleet tracking solution allows you to monitor fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear and be alerted to any potential misuse or theft of your fleet of vehicles.

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100% fleet visibility affords transport managers a way to improve efficiency by planning and adjusting routes in real time to avoid bottle necks and jams which drivers may not be aware of. Active tracking systems can provide real time feedback of speeds, acceleration and braking behaviour and provide indications of where driver training may need to be improved.

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Business vehicle tracking systems can be monitored in-house with your own transport and vehicle managers, or can be encompassed as part of a wider service level from the vehicle tracking company. Subscription based services can allow for greater flexibility as vehicle numbers increase or decrease according to the economic and business requirements in the fast paced world of logistics and transport.

A professional vehicle tracking system can also encompass environmental elements, such as monitoring temperature within a refrigerated vehicle, checking tyre pressures or sending an alert if the vehicle is inadvertently left unlocked when stationary. This allows operations staff to alert drivers of any issues, and provide information to maintenance crews about servicing and repairs.


Vehicle tracking systems are improving and adapting their scope of uses as more companies employ them in an active role. Some benefits include:

  • Field sales or service representatives can be directed quickly to their next appointment with an accurate time of arrival relayed to the client.
  • Valuable asset tracking can be applied to items that require extra special requirements due to their cost or rarity. Small battery operated tracking devices can be hidden inside a package and monitored until it reaches its destination.
  • Crash and collision detection can be applied with software that monitors if a tracker comes to a sudden or unexpected stop. A voice or text message is then sent to the driver of the vehicle. If there is no response within a specified time, an emergency call is made to either the operations room or directly to the emergency services.
  • Vehicle diagnostics can be monitored in real time with OBD II (On Board Diagnostic) devices which plug into the specialised plug and play interface found on nearly all modern vehicles. This relays information from the engine management system and helps to diagnose any faults and flags any problematic areas before serious faults can occur.
  • Trailers can be tracked in conjunction with their cab and if they are separated a warning can be given.


It is possible to buy an off the shelf, small vehicle tracking device which can be fitted by almost anyone. These offer a simple way to track a vehicle which is normally monitored through a smartphone or web based application. These devices can utilise a low power rechargeable battery, or be connected to your car's power circuit or OBD port. These low cost devices are ideal if you're on a budget, but do come with some restrictions.

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Often you will be required to take out a subscription with tracking device company, which when compared to a professionally fitted device, can be found to be more expensive over time. In nearly all smaller devices a GSM signal is required for updates and for full tracking features. This means that in areas of poor signal such as multi storey car parks, tunnels and some areas of the country, the tracking device may not work. Bear in mind that if your DIY tracker is connected via the OBD II interface on your car it only takes a few seconds for a thief to remove and discard the device.

A professional installation of a vehicle tracking device will offer security and peace of mind that your vehicle is being reliably and securely monitored. A professional tracker may also come with European or worldwide cover as standard and be fully transferrable if you change your vehicle at a future time.


Fitting a tracker to any vehicle where the driver has not been informed is illegal. Individuals and businesses that utilise trackers on any vehicle are required by law to inform trusted drivers of the installation and acquire their consent. It must also be stressed that due to data protection laws any tracking device only monitors a vehicle or package, and not an employee or other person without consent.

You can find more information on vehicle tracking systems by visiting the Wikipedia vehicle tracking page.

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Car Immobilisers UK

Car immobilisers prevent the engine from being started without a key. This helps reduce motor vehicle theft. An immobiliser can also prevent the vehicle from being "hot-wired" after entry. For these reasons, many people find immobilisers beneficial. However, it's important to understand the risks of having a car immobiliser.

A key fob with a transponder chip can become inoperable if it is lost, stolen, or stolen. In this case, it's likely that the transponder chip is damaged or broken. If this happens, a duplicate key can be ordered. These keys can be used by more than one owner. Some manufacturers don't issue cards with PIN codes, so it's important to make a backup plan in case the original one is lost.

The latest models of car immobilisers come with an electronic code key to prevent unauthorized access. These keys can be purchased separately, or fitted by service technicians. Depending on the model, some immobilisers are even self-installed by the owner. They work by reading the first code from a transponder and requesting the second code. When the two codes match, the car is allowed to start.

Car immobilisers may be a good way to lower your car insurance. However, some people have problems with them. Some keys may not register, while others may be defective. If this is the case, you should contact a car dealership and request a replacement. (Tags: Car Immobilisers UK, Vehicle Immobilisers UK, Car Immobiliser Instalallation UK)

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